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M:1 | Art is the culmination of object and intent.
M:2 | Mantras are useless - except when they're not.
M:3 | Struggle is a gift.
M:4 | Understanding is a journey not a destination.
M:5 | One day this life will kill you.
M:6 | Why measure if you don't measure.
M:7 | It's not the drugs - it's who you do them with.
M:8 | Every/thing is a little bit of a letdown.
M:9 | You don't have to do anything - but you can.
M:10 | Seek your critics.
M:11 | There are other ways - neither right, nor wrong, nor my own.
M:12 | Every audience is hostile.
M:13 | Sometimes there really is a dead bird in the Pringles can.
M:14 | We don't stand on the shoulders of giants - they stand on ours.
M:15 | Just because you leave doesn't mean the adventure is over.
M:16 | It can always get worse.
M:17 | You are your own best influence.
M:18 | The enemy of the artist is life and experience.
M:19 | To learn to listen we must first learn to follow.