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The role of the schools is not to create “idiot-specialists” to fill the special needs of different sectors of the national economy, but to develop the individual capabilities of the students in a purposeful way, and to send out into life thoughtful people capable of thinking about the wider social, historical, and philosophical implications of their specialties. All those who today seriously and deeply concern themselves with scientific disciplines - from chemistry or mathematics, all the way to zootechnology - must somehow be touched by basic human questions such as the meaning of our being, the structure of space and time, the order of the universe, and the position of human existence in it. The schools must also lead young people to become self-confident, participating citizens; if everyone doesn’t take an interest in politics, it will become the domain of those least suited to it. (117-118)


Havel, Václav. Summer Meditations.  Trans. Paul Wilson.  Vintage Books 1993. 

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Diplomatic Situation; Excess and Deficiency; Questioning Builds A Way; The Philosopher; The Public; The Red Ink; The Thinkpot (Thinking Thoughts At); The World of Perception and the World of Science; Fertility of the Didactic Action; Introduction to the Thing; Curiosity

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