The Discourse

The least one can say is that everything that is built up between these animals known as humans is constructed, manufactured, and founded on language. [...] We cannot fail to observe that the thing which holds human beings together [...] is something related to language. I call discourse that ‘something.’ [Discourse is that something] which within language fixes, crystallizes, and uses the resources of language.
Jacques Lacan (LX:47)

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Works and Dayz

The art work is, to be sure, a thing that is made, but it says something other than the mere thing itself is, allo agoreuei. The work makes public something other than itself; it manifests something other; it is an allegory. In the work of art something other is brought together with the thing that is made. To bring together is, in Greek, sumballein. The work is a symbol.

Martin Heidegger (LX:5)


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I offer these, here, without comment or explanation.

To paraphrase Sylvain Lévi: when you have one listener, it's teaching; when you have two, it's popularization.



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My discourse proceeds, in the following way: each term is sustained only in its topological relation with others, and the subject of the cogito is treated in exactly the same way.

Jacques Lacan (LX:100)


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Grey People

Art is the culmination of object and intent.

LL (M:1)


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